General Services

  • INFORMATION AND RESOURCE MATERIAL ON ISLAM - The Islamic Foundation provides material on Islam, Islamic civilization, the Muslim community in Ireland and the Muslim world for studies and research. There are also free copies of the Qur'an and literature on Islam in English, Arabic, Urdu, French, Bosnian, Albanian and other languages are available for those who request them. Contact us if you think we might be of help, and we will be glad to assist.
  • SCHOOLS AND ISLAMIC EDUCATION - Details about the two full-time primary schools (funded by the Department of Education) and Qur'anic and Weekend Arabic and Islamic Schools can be obtained by contacting the administration.
  • PROVISION OF IFTAR MEALS -The Islamic Foundation of Ireland provides Iftar meals in Ramadan for the fasting persons every night throughout the month. Costs are covered by sponsorship and contributions from the community.
  • MOSQUE VISITS - The Islamic Foundation welcomes visits to the Dublin Mosque by schools, colleges, groups and all other interested organisations. There is no charge for such visits. Usually a visit takes around 45 minuets and includes a description of the Mosque as well as a brief talk on the main tenants of Islam followed by questions and answers. For more information and bookings, please contact Imam Yahya Al-Hussein or the office.
  • PAYING ZAKAAT AND SADAQA - The Islamic Foundation receives Zakat and Sadaqah from Muslims and distributes them on their behalf to the needy and poor Muslims in Ireland and abroad. None of the Zakat and Sadaqah money is used for the Islamic Centre itself, but for the people who are allowed to receive them according to the Shari'ah. See how you can pay sadaqa and zakaat here.
  • TRANSLATION SERVICE - Translation of birth, marriage and academic documents from Arabic and Urdu into English. There is a fee of €25 per document. Other documents are charged at the rate of €25 per page. €20 per page for every four pages or more.