Halal Questionnaires

We at the Islamic Foundation of Ireland receive many queries from Muslim people, especially visitors to Ireland, regarding Halal restaurants and shops in Dublin and Ireland. We are in the process of preparing a list of Halal restaurants and stores so that we can provide information upon request. We also intend to publish this information on our website.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter by answering the attached questionnaire and forwarding it to us. Alternatively contact us and we will send you a copy by post. There are two different questionnaires; one for restaurants and the other for shops. Please choose the correct one.

Please feel free to add any information which you think it may be useful for the customers. Please pass this information to any colleague/friend who has a Halal restaurant or shop.

If you have any query, please contact us.

Please complete and return one / both of the relevant questionnaires below:

Halal questionnaire - RESTAURANTS

Halal questionnaire - SHOPS