Burial Policies

Covid-19: Important Notice

  1. Janaazah prayer will NOT be prayed in the Islamic Foundation of Ireland due to COVID 19.
  2. COVID 19 victims will NOT be brought to the ICCI.
  3. People are strongly advised to travel in separate cars to the graveyard
  4. Janaazah prayer WILL BE PRAYED at the graveyard (While keeping a 2-meter distance from others)
  5. Please attempt to minimise the numbers of people to safeguard the health and welfare of others as per Government and HSE guidelines (in light of the COVID 19 virus)
  6. The Islamic Foundation of Ireland will coordinate the ghusl washing of the body with Clonskeagh Mosque ICCI (non-Covid-19 death)
  7. A ghusl of a confirmed COVID 19 victim will NOT be carried out in the ICCI.

Relevant Information

When a Muslim dies; the family of the deceased will often call the Islamic Foundation of Ireland for help in carrying out the burial.

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland does not charge the family any money for their assistance in arranging the burial affairs however there are expenses for other services.

IFI Burial Policies

All policies contain relevant details, including associated costs. Please read the relevant policy carefully and in full.

Last updated May 2023.