The following are some of the general services offered by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland. To avail of therse services, please contact the office or visit the mosque.

General Services

For mosque visits, paying zakaat and sadaqa, translation service, photocopying and fax facilities, and more...

Hajj and Umrah

Every year, millions of Muslims worldwide make the journey to Makkah for the annual pilgrimage (Hajj). Dressed in the same simple white clothing to represent human equality, the pilgrims gather to...

Halal Food

Halal food and exclusive Irish halal certification to many Muslim countries by the IFI is covered in this section.

Funeral Arrangements and Burial

This section provides current IFI Burial Policy as well as the online application for burials. You can also learn more about the history of the Muslim burials in Ireland here.

Mosques and Prayer Rooms

As the number of Muslims in Ireland has grown rapidly over the last number of years, more mosques and prayer halls have been established to cater for their needs.

Library and Publications

Books on Islam in Arabic, English and Urdu. Audio-visual material: Cassette and video recordings of the Qur'an and lectures. Borrowing facility is available, please enquire further with...

Nearby Accomodation

The IFI has compiled a list of nearby accommodation for your use, for any of our visitors residing outside Dublin.