Umrah 2020

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland would like to inform all that the current Umrah season is CANCELLED.

This is due to the following:

  • The requirements for Umrah are far too many for the IFI to uphold
  • In order to carry out the Umrah package, the IFI must pay a bank deposit (the value €50,000) with an additional fee of €375.00 every 3 months

The risks in carrying out the Umrah package outweigh the gains since:

  • The number of applications are too low due to European passport holders now being able to apply for tourist visas
  • Agents (i.e. the IFI) would be liable if any visitor gets sick

Therefore, IFI's final decision is that the risks are too high to continue with the Umrah package, therefore the umrah package will be cancelled this season.