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Solidarity with Irish Muslim Community

Islamic Foundation of Ireland has received a huge support recently from Irish Christian and Non-Christian communities, solidarity and support for which we are grateful to, particularly in response to recent hate mails circulated around Dublin. 

As such, there has been number of meetings organised by local communities supporting and working together in defence of any form of hatered in the community.

Below you can find a letter of support from the Canal Communities Intercultural Network calling for an emergency meeting on Monday, 3rd December 2013

Re; Islamophobic Letter sent to Muslim Community in Canal Communities and Across Dublin

Many of us will have heard of and read the racist and Islamophic letter that was sent to the Muslim community across Dublin. 

The letter is intended to spread hatred, it directly threatens violence. It also calls on Irish people to commit acts of violence against Muslims in Ireland. What we know about these kind of letters is that they stir up racist sentiment and also give license to others to be more vocal spreading messages of hate. Having an impact in communities, in schools, in workplaces and on the street. 

The letter has caused a lot of concern in the Muslim community and very many people are worried for their safety and the safety of their children. Events have been cancelled, security stepped up at schools and in peoples homes. 

We believe we can positively respond in solidarity and send a strong message of support to Muslims living in our communities and across Dublin. To that end we are calling an Emergency Meeting of the Canal Communities Intercultural Network. (Reps from Muslim community locally will also be in attendance)

Monday 10am for just 30 mins in St. Andrews.

We will discuss a proposed action that we can do in our projects and organisation and distribute some materials you might need to participate. 

While the meeting is short notice, it will be a short meeting early in the day and we would hope each organisation could send one representative.

Kate O'Connell

In addition to the above, have a look at the Network's blog for more info on what the Network has agreed to do following the meeting.

Also, the Irish Anti-war Movement (IAWM) has issued a statement on 24/11/2013 denouncing the violent threats against Muslims in Ireland that are contained in an anonymous letter posted to schools and mosques declaring war against them. View the full statement HERE.