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Press Release: Muslim Girls Attack


The Islamic Foundation of Ireland (IFI) are calling out to all people of Ireland to hear our voice of concern and indignation following the attacks on two 16-year old Irish-Muslim girls. This act of thuggery occurred on Sunday, 18 August, midday on the streets of the Dundrum area. Two Muslim girls, one wearing a hijab, were attacked and stomped on in broad daylight by a gang consisting of 10 to 12 teenage boys and girls. The two girls have both sustained some serious injuries. This provocation was a cowardly attack on young Muslim teens going about their own business. No person, young or old should have to walk the streets of Dublin in fear of being harassed, bullied, or attacked just because they are visibly Muslim or of a minority background.

Amidst this vicious attack, one of the victims stated:

"As the two girls approached my friend and I, one of the girls smashed an egg over my head. Then afterwards, another girl from the gang grabbed my friend's headscarf from behind and started choking her. I went over to help my friend as they were attacking her, but then three lads pulled me by my shoulders and pushed me down onto the concrete. As I was on the concrete, the three lads started kicking me all over my body and stomped on my head. After they attacked us, they started calling us Paki weirdos and F****ing Muslims."

These acts have occurred in an environment of increasing anti-Muslim sentiment. The rise of the far-right, other fascist groups and racist ideologies have increased substantially against Muslims and minorities. Unfortunately, people who carry hatred and rejection in their hearts become more emboldened to act when their prejudice views towards minority groups are tolerated and given a platform, either directly or indirectly, by public speakers, politicians and media agencies.

This was an unprovoked and callous display of violence towards two female minors. We stand together as a strong community that will proactively take action (within the law afforded to us) against any vein of hate flowing through our society targeting minority, religious and ethnic groups.

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland call on our political leaders, An Garda Síochána and the public to do more to counter acts of violence, hatred and terrorism against Muslims and minority groups. These perpetrators that have attacked these young girls need to be accounted for their unjustifiable acts. This is one of many cases that have been brought to light in recent times against Muslims in Ireland. There are numerous unreported cases that have been carried out on a weekly and daily basis.

We, the Muslims of Ireland will not accept these acts of hate against us. We will take action and we will remain strong in times of hardship.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) said:

“Whosoever of you sees an evil, let them change it with their hand; and if they are not able to do so, then let them change it with their tongue; and if they are not able to do so, then dislike it with their heart.” – Narrated by Muslim

On behalf of:

Islamic Foundation of Ireland

Amal's Women's Association