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Press Release Against Hijra to Ireland Website

Joint Press Release by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland and Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland:

Re:  ‘Hijra to Ireland’ Website & Facebook pages

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate Most Merciful

We at the Islamic Foundation of Ireland and Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, strongly disapprove and condemn placing photos of our Centres as well as contact names and numbers of senior members of our staff as important contacts on the web pages of the so-called ‘Hijra to Ireland’ websites and Facebook pages are (www.hijra2ireland.com & .org) and (https://www.facebook.com/Hijra2Ireland) respectively. Forensic investigation has been carried out of both domains and the information has been passed on to the Gardai, who are now investigating the matter.

We disassociate ourselves from the project and affirm that the people behind this and their place of residence are not known to us. Although after showing our objection to the matter above, through their Facebook page, we have managed to get our names and contact details removed, however, photos of our Centre still remain on their website.  We have demanded the removal of such photos and informed them that we will be taking a legal action if this is not done.   

We believe the approach taken by this project will not be serving the interests of the Muslims of Ireland who enjoy peace and security in this beautiful country but instead might create hostility and resentment against them.


Islamic Foundation of Ireland
Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland


15th January 2016