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Inaugural Meeting of the Muslim Marriage Network

Muslim Marriage Network (MMN) of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland first inaugural meeting was held on Sunday 15th November 2015. The committee was formed to address the growing Muslim population in Ireland necessity and desire for a successful and stable Muslim marriage as the cornerstone of the community. 

The committee will roll out a programme that will create a common platform where Muslim marriages can be facilitated by bringing together men and women of marriageable age together in an Islamic manner.

IFI Marriage Network Committee strive to work with the Imams in the Republic of Ireland and invite them on board together with the parents of men and women of marriage age, into a workshop to facilitate this programme in the future. As a follow up to our inaugural meeting, the announcement was issued to the Council of Imams in Ireland which will be delivered at their next meeting in Dublin.

Further developments and action plan will be posted online as we jointly develop the best approach forward.

The committee would like to invite your contribution toward this programme.

Please send your submissions by email or alternatively post them to the IFI office, marked for the IFI Marriage Network Committee.

MMN Committee