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IFI Fundraising Manager Vacancy

Islamic Foundation of Ireland is now recruiting for the position of Fundraising Manager to be based in our office in Dublin.

Job Description

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland (IFI) are planning to build an extension within its premises on South Circular Road. The extension will be used for activities of the foundation including evening/weekend schools and prayer facilities. The IFI are looking to hire a Fundraising Manager for a fixed term contract, who will have the responsibility for raising funds for this extension.


1. Research fundraising opportunities within and outside Ireland with the aim to write and meet potential international funders. 

2. Ability to apply for grants and manage endowments. 

3. Build relationships with major donors or organisations and make presentations. 

4.Recruit, organise and inspire volunteers. 

5. Manage information and record the profile and fundraising activity of donors on a database. 

6. Devise and organise fundraising campaigns and organise events, such as dinners. 

7. Spot fundraising opportunities and raise awareness of the foundation’s work. 

8.Develop goals and make a plan for raising funds. 

9. Keep in contact with IFI board, apprising them of fundraising successes.


Key Skills

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written in English. 
  • Ability to research and devise strategies and opportunistically taking advantage of donation possibilities. 
  • Adept at people management, building long-term relationships with potential donors or volunteers and persuasively explaining their charity’s cause. 
  • Ability to manage budgets and hit fundraising targets are important, 
  • Good organisational and IT skills. 
  • An interest in, and commitment to, the cause of raising money for a masjid.



  • A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in fundraising. 
  • Knowledge of charity organisation modality. 
  • Experience in sales/marketing is an advantage. 
  • Ability to communicate in Arabic and Urdu is an added advantage.


To apply sent your CV and Cover letter to info@islaminireland.com or admin@islaminireland.com