Hajj 1435/2014 Announcement

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland has received huge number of requests for places for Hajj for the coming season 1435 H. (2014.)

We would like to make it clear that we cannot reserve a place for anyone without him/her filling the registration form and paying the required deposit - and that making a request verbally or by writing does not suffice.  We will endavour to contact everyone who has expressed interest but ultimately it is the resposibility of whoever wishes to travel with the I.F.I. Hajj group to meet the above mentioned two requirements. We assume no responsibility if the form and deposit are not received in the I.F.I. office before all avaialable places are taken.

Please note that Hajj places are offered on the first come - first serve basis. The IFI offers two Hajj Packages (Departure & Return dates approximate & subject to flight confirmation):

• Departure date: Thu. 25 September 2014.
• Return date (2 weeks): Wed. 08 October 2014.
• Return date (3 weeks): 15 October 2014.
(Departure & Return dates approximate & subject to flight confirmation)

Madinah is our first stop where we go first for Ziyarat.

What is included in the package?
• Accommodation: 4 people per room in Madinah and Makkah hotel.
• Air ticket
• Transport
• Food (half board i.e. breakfast and dinner)
• Qurbani.

Registration requirements:

1) Comleting and submitting the registration form.
2) Deposit of €1000.00.
3) Two passport size photos.
4) Copy of passport (data page/s.)
5) Copy of Garda card (for non-EU nationals.)
6) Filled and signed visa application form.
7) Copy of marriage certificate for couple travelling together.

Places are limited! Booking on the first come first serve basis!

Prices: Will be officially announced later. (Estimated €3,400.00 & €4,000.00 for the 2 & 3 weeks packages respectively.)

The forms are available below: