Future Funding Meeting

The Majlis (management body) of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland (IFI) is pro-actively focusing on developing a strategy for the future funding of the organization. With that in mind, we wish to invite all those interested, community members to join us in achieving our goals for the IFI.

The funding strategy committee hereby invites you to come along on the 16th September 2017 from 2-6pm for a strategic planning session where we will discuss the following: 

  • Promoting synergy among the I.F.I. stakeholders.
  • Generating funds locally and internationally to meet our operational activities and in completing the extension project.
  • Understanding and informing the community of our upcoming events.

We hope that we can all work together to achieve our objectives, for the sake of Allah, and to make a progressive mark for the progression of Islam here in Ireland and its environs.