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Eid ul-Fitr 2015 Announcement

Assalamu alaykum

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland would like to announce that Eid al-Fitr will be tomorrow Friday 17th July 2015. Eid Mubarak to all and may Allah accept our good deeds and yours and make this a truly blessed Eid for all Muslims. There will be two Eid prayers at 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

عيدالفطر المبارك

سوف تكون صلاتان للعيد

-الاولى على الساعة 8:30

-و الثانية على الساعة 9:30

The car parking spaces of Griffith College (not the Stadium) has been booked for the Eid prayer. (You have commitments towards your neighbours. A Muslim should not disturb his/her neighbour by e.g. parking vehicles in no parking zones, blocking drive ways and footpaths. Please follow the instructions of the Gardai on duty outside the mosque)

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all those who can make it to attend Eid celebration organised tomorrow by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland. For details see HERE.