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COVID-19 Statement by Irish Council of Imams

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Gracious

Date: 20th of Feb. 2021

A statement issued by the Irish Council of Imams

Re. The urgency of abiding by the preventive measures adopted due to COVID-19

Praise be to Allah and may Allah’s peace blessings and mercy be upon the Prophet Muhammad, sent as a mercy to all that exists.

The Irish Council of Imams stress the importance of adherence to the health and preventive measures adopted to prevent the spread of COVD-19 classifying it as an integrated part of the spirit of Islam and its obligations that preach life protection against any harm.

Based on this fact, whoever causes transmission of the disease is a wrong doer and his action constitutes a breach of Islamic teaching and contradicts the Prophet’s guidance. In the case of death, s/he may take responsibility for it. Allah says: “whosoever kills a human being, except (as punishment) for murder or for spreading corruption in the land, it shall be like killing all humanity” (Trans. 05:32)

The ICI confirms its previously issued statements concerning COVID-19 directed to the mosques, Islamic centres, Imams, and officials highlighting the urgency of abiding by the measures issued by state offices and health authorities.

In the conclusion, the ICI urges all Islamic institutions and centres to apply all measures, required for life protection, and to abide fully by all guidelines issued by state offices including closing mosques during the announced lockdown period.

The ICI appeals to Muslims to establish their prayers at home to protect their lives. Anyone breaking these rules should accept his responsibility and the responsibility of the organization he represents. In this case, he also fails in fulfilling his commitments towards the society he lives in.

The ICI pray for a speedy recovery for the unwell and removal of the plague from the entire world.


Sheikh Hussein Halawa, Chairman

Sheikh Yahia Al-Hussein, Deputy Chairman