Census 2016

The next census will take place on Sunday April 24th, 2016. Census enumerators are currently visiting every home in Ireland to deliver census forms. When you fill in your census form on this night, you’re giving the information needed what Ireland needs for the future. So when you get your form, please keep it safe and ready for census night.

التعداد السكاني – الأحد 24/04/2016م

How to complete the form?

"What is your religion?" is one of the questions in the Census. The inclusion of religion is a proof that religion is a living force in society.

Tick the box marked ‘Islam’ in Question 12

We urge all Muslims who are resident in Ireland (whether Irish nationals or not) to fill the census form and tick the box marked 'Islam' in question No. 12 for all persons in your family/household.

Why should all Muslims complete the Census 2016 form? 

  1. Participation in the census is compulsory and you are obliged by law to fill the census form.
  2. We will get up to date accurate statistics on the Muslim community in Ireland.
  3. Accurate statistics will help the community seek the type of services and facilities we need.
  4. The Muslim community in Ireland will get better public and official recognition.

There are legal safeguards to ensure the confidentiality of census data, making sure that your personal details are not misused. The Statistics Act 1993 reinforces the independence of the Central Statistics Office and data confidentiality. The Act provides for the confidentiality of all data collected by the CSO including census data. Under this Act “Information collected may be used only for statistical purposes, and no details that might be related to an identifiable person or business undertaking may be divulged to any other government department or body.” For more see: Confidentiality section.

When does the census take place? 

The 2016 census will take place on the night of Sunday April 24, 2016 and will count all the people and households in the country on that night.

Census and other languages

For information purposes, Census 2016 form is also available in other languages. For information in Arabic see HERE.


Census Form: Your census enumerator will deliver your census form to your home sometime in the 3-4 weeks leading up to census day 24th April. If you do not receive your form, phone Lo Call 1890 236 787 Email: census@cso.ie. You should keep this form in a safe place until census day. On census day, complete the form in respect of each person in your household, and keep it in a safe place until it is collected.  If your census form is not collected by 23 May 2016, return it fully completed in a large envelope to Central Statistics Office, PO Box 2016, FREEPOST F4726, Swords, Co. Dublin. For further details see: http://census.ie/

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