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Please note the following:
- Location of Cemetery: Newcastle Cemetery

In light of Covid-19:
- Janaazah prayer will NOT be prayed in the Islamic Foundation of Ireland.
- COVID 19 victims will NOT be brought to the ICCI.
- People are strongly advised to travel in separate cars to the graveyard.
- Janaazah prayer WILL BE PRAYED at the graveyard (While keeping a 2-meter distance from others).
- Please attempt to minimise the numbers of people to safeguard the health and welfare of others as per Government and HSE guidelines.
- The Islamic Foundation of Ireland will coordinate the ghusl washing of the body with Clonskeagh Mosque (ICCI) (for non-Covid-19 deaths).
- A ghusl of a confirmed COVID-19 victim will NOT be carried out in the ICCI.